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​​If you opened this page, it’s probably because you want to spend some money…
​I’m so happy!!
Please go through this list of organisations selected by people who care.
​Your money donations will be highly appreciated.

Freedom to live in peace and independence

provides direct help to residents of Mariupol city that has been sieged starting from the first days of Russia-Ukraine war​

helps Ukrainian refugees in Hungary, the main focus is on feeding those who starve​

supplies humanitarian aid and medical care to Ukraine

a team of volunteers helping Ukranian refugees to evacuate safely into Europe


Freedom to know​

coalition of over 50 nonprofits that promote freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and oppose censorship in all its forms



Russian news media that continues publishing true information against Putin even after being prohibited in the country


defends the right of every human being to have access to free and reliable information, protects journalists

Freedom to control your own body

provide safe and accessible abortion care to women around the world through online consultation and mailed medicaments


works globally to advance reproductive justice by expanding access to abortion and contraception.


engages in educational and electoral activity, including grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and voter education, to promote and protect women’s health and reproductive rights

Freedom to education

provides a comprehensive quality education to the most vulnerable children and teens in Uruguay

a boarding school for disadvantaged girls in Thailand, operated by Buddhist nuns, where Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Program is an integral part of the education process

a small orphanage in Kathmandu, founded by two Nepali women to provide food, shelter, education and healthcare to orphans and street children

Freedom to enjoy

high-quality affordable eye care, restores sight in the Pacific region, where 9 out of 10 people who are blind don’t need to be

provides opportunities of having fun to old people that are often neglected by families and government

allows people to organize their own clean up events around the world to make our communities cleaner

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