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​This project is dedicated to the victims of oppressive political regimes around the world. Those in power are often blinded by the thirst of money and the fear of being dethroned. They prioritise their wealth, status and interests over other people’s wellbeing and even lives. Their values are as fake as money used to create the art pieces. Struggle and poverty are real.

Even though money is involved in all spheres of our lives and pays for meals on our tables, it's not something that you can actually eat. Unconverted money can't give you what you need.

The first question that people ask when they see this art piece - is this money real? My answer is - it is real if you believe so.
Interestingly, it's the only one thing in the world that everyone agrees to believe collectively in.
​We can't agree between each other on the same religion, human rights, politics, but $100 has the value of $100 everywhere.

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