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November 2020
the idea of the art installation was born, the creation process started with the chairs dumped on the street by neighbours. money are bought on amazon, the rest of the objects comes from recycling


April 2021 
the dinning set was complete and included a table with a couple of chairs , vase with fruits, a basket with fruits, a box with a penny on a velvet cushion, a shade lamp, a wine bottle and two glasses filled up with coins

May 2, 2021
the table premiered at Moto spirits, the collection was extended with flowers and accessories made out dollar and euro bills

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 02.30.47.png

May 8, 2022 
the the table made its appearance at Mixed Media art show curated by Julian Thomas

September 2021
the table decided to escape New York winter and relocated to Nevada

Anice Jee-6.jpg

August 29, 2022 
the table went to Waking Dreams of Burning Man 2022, made unforgettable memories and met many new people

September 4, 2021
the table got cremated at the ashes
of the temple to start its spiritual journey of reincarnation and get reborn as a  new art project

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 08.51_edited.jpg
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